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How To Use Trekking Poles? Some Tips and Tricks

Many people are not open to the idea of using trekking poles because they think of them as an impractical tool. As a matter of fact, majority of the hikers can get along just fine without them. Trekking poles will provide you with the much needed support and stability during your hiking adventure. That is […]

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Roller Derby Moves – Some Rough Guide And Techniques

When talking about the overall Roller Derby Moves, you can go into two categories, either the on-jam steps which have specific names for the techniques the players do during the bouts. Or you can talk about the overall skating steps you are taught. In roller derby skates, surely you can make a lot of fun.Let […]

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Types Of Roller Skates: You Must Know it

Skating is a sporting or recreational activity that requires traveling on ice or surfaces with the aid of skates. There are different types of roller skates sporting, including snow skating, hard surface skating, and ice skating. Again Hard surface skating could include road skating, artistic roller skating, and inline skating. Further examples of inline skating include […]

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Types Of Skating Wheels: 5 Untold Reasons Why you Know It

The skating wheels are of different styles. The most used and most popular types of skating wheels among them are speed, roller derby, jam, shuffle, and rhythm. The wheels are, in some cases, designed for particular skating techniques or specific skating grounds. We will discuss the different forms of skating wheels in this article as well […]

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Roller skates vs Inline Skates What Suits You Better

There are some different opinion from some of the sportsman on roller skates vs inline skates, which one will be appropriate for whom. Whether roller skates or inline skates which one should you buy. The roller-skating is always fun and at the same time offers a variety of health endurance training both at indoors and […]

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