Cool 70s and 80s Roller Skating Outfits 

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Unless you are living under a rock, you would be well aware of the fact that the roller-skating trend is making a comeback!  This interesting and adventurous activity is getting extensive social media recognition due to the appealing style and ideal fusion of fun and amusement. Numerous influencers have jumped on this trend to showcase their skating skills, be it some crazy dance steps, mind-blowing tricks, or even some aesthetic poses! 

Furthermore, audiences love to engage in this type of content. Many people believe that this is because of the outstanding 70s and 80s Roller Skating Apparels. The perfect blend of vibrant and comfort attracts the masses and entices them to try this trendy fashion for themselves. 


When it comes to fashion, roller skating fits are sweeping trends across the world, even among people who can’t actually skate. And this is a natural way of evolution in the world of fashion. Costumes that were created with inspiration from skating are no longer restricted to that one activity. You can rock your flared jeans and colorful tops for other occasions, too- whether it be going out for brunch or hanging out with your squad at escape room breakout

In this article, we are going down memory lane in order to dig up some of the trendiest getups of that era. So, get ready to open up your wardrobe’s backdoor to the magical world of dazzling outfits and roller skater style! Here are some of the most popular roller-skating outfits from the 70s and 80s. Let’s jump right in!  

Cool 70s and 80s Roller Skating Outfits  

Go For The Diva Look  

This is your perfect go-to option to flaunt your inner Diva. The fit gives off a very “go-getter” vibe.  Undeniably, this is a perfect fit for you if you are the life of the party! Combine those famous bell bottoms and a deep V neck and fuse them with blinding glitter fabrics and sensual accessories. And with that, you are ready to turn heads!  

The Evergreen Fever Suit  

An attire straight out of your favorite 70s movies! If you are planning to recreate the look of famous superstars back from that era, then this Saturday night fever look is the perfect option for you. You just need to pair some old fashion formals together. A collared shirt along with a V-neck blazer and baggies are the best combination. And you are ready to go make the world your runway!  

Go For the Golden Disco King Vibes  

If you don’t want to blend into the crowd and showcase your unique personality instead, get your hands on this outfit. To recreate the disco King vibes, you just need to pair the vintage bell-bottoms with an attached and eye-catchy shirt. You can pick the shiny goldens if you want to stick up to the name  – golden Disco king. To add more charm to this wild getup, you can level up your game with some fun accessories such as curly hair wigs, shiny belts, and even some glasses.  

Show Them Moves With The Dancing Queen Getup 

Channelize your inner baddie by getting dressed up in a patterned catsuit. An old version of modern-day jumpsuits, these iconic body-hugging pieces are flattering for almost every body type. From multi-colored to patterns to even pastels- you can get this look in a large range of variety. Without a doubt, this outfit is perfect for flexing your roller skating moves as the one-piece gives you plenty of room to distort your limbs (within the elastic limit, of course).  

The Loose Tracksuit Outfit 

Are you looking for a loose fit that also flatters your body? Well, in that case, a loose-fitted tracksuit is the perfect choice for you. This is the perfect amalgamation of comfort and vibrant personality. Although we agree that not everyone has the confidence to pull this off, try it on! To recreate this trend, just simply grab any loose-fitted pair of track pants and a similar jacket. You can also spice it up with your favorite sports shoes and an attractive headband.  

Spice It Up With A  Workout Outfit 

Flaunt all your curves with this eye-catchy workout piece. On the contrary to the loose tracksuit, this suit is usually super bodycon. The stretchy fabric not only focuses on all your curves but also offers higher flexibility. 

Some common features of this workout costume are a striking neon color, stretchy pants, and a top. To recreate this, just take out some of your neon jumpsuits and put them together with some interesting accessories such as a head and wristband.  

The Ultimate Hip-Hop Outfit  

Embrace the iconic Hip Hop culture with this getup. Are you planning to exhibit your cool persona? Well, in that case, this loud yet trendy clothing has your name written on it. 

If your style is as uninhibited as your music taste, then this piece is exactly what you need to make a statement when you walk into the room. To recreate the fit, you just simply have to pair a loud oversized jacket with some funky overalls. You can also add in a cool hat of your choice. Oh, and don’t forget the bulky chains and classy glasses. With this crazy apparatus, tag along a radio or speakers with yourself to set the vibe.  

The EyeCandy Rocker Chick   

If you want to put yourself out there, then this chick outfit has the perfect vibe to catch up with your personality.  With the combination of wild and risk, this getup is the perfect go-to fit to show everyone what a party animal you are. If you are someone with a gothic and grunge side, this getup has your name written on it. Showcase your heavy metal traits in this eye-catching rocker’s chick outfit. These clothes scream the early 80s. 

In order to create this look, you just simply need a fluffy dark color dress along with some cropped leggings. If you have some mesh tops or fishnet accessories, make sure to use them. You can also enhance the overall getup by accessorizing as much as you can. Add on some extra chain, a chunky belt, a cool headpiece, or even some latex gloves. Without a doubt, you are going to grab a lot of attention.  

That One Rocker Dude Outfit 

If you want to showcase your shabby yet wild personality, then this rocker gear is the perfect fit for you. The loud factors, along with some messy elements, are the perfect amalgamation to show your party animal side. If you want to go for this costume, just pair up some patterned jacket and neutral-colored pants along with a funky vest. You can also add some funky belts and wig along with additional accessories to enhance the overall getup. 

These were some of the easy as well as trendy outfits that were the talk of the town back in the late ’70s and ’80s.  

But we cannot move on without discussing an important aspect of this fashion subculture- statement pieces! No roller-skating look can be called authentic without some of those integral components of the genre. 

Statement Roller Skating Pieces  

Statement pieces are the main part of an attire that plays a major role in uplifting the entire look. There is no denying the fact that every look has at least one statement piece that elevates the entire look. Therefore, when it comes to skating, there were a handful of clothing options available in the market that screamed roller skating. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss some of these mind-blowing statement pieces that you can wear to create a retro roller-skating fit. So, without waiting any longer, let us break down these trendy fits. 

1) Retro Shorts 

Retro shorts were quite popular, especially back in the day. These hot pockets were the go-to option for any roller skating diva. Additionally, dolphin shorts were the ideal piece to elevate any look. These are well-fitting shorts that were made up of nylon fabric. However, contrast binding was the real show’s topper. Some shorts also came with contrast drawstrings.   

2) Socks!   

A pair of socks can help put together your roller-skating outfit with utmost ease. Back in the day, people wore all kinds of socks, from classic tube socks to some funky mesh socks in neon color. Moreover, socks are a game-changer when paired with shorts. So, what are you waiting for? Try this cool fit for yourself!   

3) Retro Roller Skates   

Are we even considering outfits without retro roller skates? If you want to opt for the ultimate roller-skating look, it’s time that you take out your retro skates. But if it is just an accessory for your outfit, then you can always rent them instead of buying them. Roller skates can be a little pricey just to be used for the purpose of an outfit. If you, however, want to try learning skating, you can invest in a good pair since they are usually sturdy enough to last you a long time.  

4) The Evergreen Canvas Sneakers  

Undeniably, the popular Canvas trainers are at a great height even today. These shoes are often considered the budget-friendly alternatives to the widely-popular Converse shoes. The bold colors and contrasting stripes were a great hype and trend back in the 80s. These are also considered to be a great alternative to the OG roller skates. If you do not want to wear original roller skates, you can opt for something more convenient yet trendy through these Canvas trainers.  

5) Leggings   

If you want to add another chick element to your outfit, leggings or ties are your best buddies. These are perfect in case you do not want to opt for classic socks. Apart from elevating the entire look, leggings and tides act as perfect ley warmers. To top it all off, there are a variety of options available, from neon colors to mesh material. You can go for whichever one suits you the best.   

6) Fishnet Or Mesh Fabric 

This is one crazy fashion trend that came into the limelight with the onset of pop stars such as Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. These fishnet rig-outs are the perfect balance between classy and contemporary. Despite being very loud, they are perfect for recreating the 80s roller skating look. You can easily throw a mesh top over your favorite crop top, sports bra, or even some vest tops. Many influences pair their fishnet shrugs and mesh tops over a simple black tank. To add a surprising element, you can top it off with some neon accessories.  

7) Drawstring Tops  

You might have seen a variety of drawstring tops in today’s fashion. They are very popular when it comes to cottage core or soft girl aesthetics. However, back in the day, these drawstring tops were the statement pieces of roller skating outfits. Just add on a well-fitted drawstring top with neon color and bold font, and pair it up with some matching dolphin shorts. And you are good to go. Pair your perfect roller-skating costume with some classic socks or leggings, and add on the Canvas trainers and Viola! Your 70’s and 80’s themed roller skating outfit is ready. 


However, roller skating isn’t just about the flickering social media hype. Along with being an adventure sport, it also holds immaculate importance in our history. For centuries, the black community was deprived of the privilege of safely roller skating. Thus, this activity holds a deeper meaning to the community as it dates back to the civil rights movements accompanied by the emergence of the popular Hip Hop culture. And so, roller-skating goes beyond just the activity. It finds expression in music, fashion, and lifestyle, of course, in a slightly rebranded manner today. 

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