6 Essential Roller Skating Protective Gears

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 “Everything starts from a point. And from that event, the dots connect to ultimately create the final illustration.” It is the reality that we envision and keep looking for in our daily routine. We tend to find answers to the things occurring around us and why we’re tied to a set of rules and chain of events. 

To distract ourselves from the effect of such emotions and bizarre feelings, we have invented the art of recreation. By amusing ourselves and following a hobby, we can survive in the harsh reality and march ahead amidst the difficulties. 

Many forms of entertainment activities like escape rooms, video games, immersive puzzle screens, themed amusement parks, cinemas, etc., have been crafted and renovated over time to broaden the scope of recreation and pleasurable activities for everyone. But our pursuit of happiness doesn’t end here – there’s another field that we all love. It’s the games and sports domain! Whether it is football, cricket, baseball, or skating, there’s a game that the child inside us always loves to play. 

Amidst these sporty activities, skating, in particular, is highly popular in teens and youth. It may be skateboarding, roller and inline skating, and so on. The thrill of getting on the wheels and soaring across the land is a feeling no other activity can give us. Skating is one of the most-liked and fun to indulge in the sport. It sharpens our senses, helps us maintain our body posture and balance, and keeps us healthy. But with roller skating comes the chance of stumbling and getting hurt while learning or doing the trick. You may be a beginner, an advanced trainer, or a practiced and experienced professional; stumbling and getting injured is inevitable while skating. 

Thankfully, we have different protective gears to avoid sustaining critical damage. Body parts like wrists, heads, elbows, and knees are the most vulnerable and prone to suffering injuries while skating. We may suffer a crack or a break at these joints, the twisting of the knee or the wrist, or a head injury from falling. So, we must use protective gears before we put on the wheels if we wish to avoid ending up at the hospital for getting a serious wound treated. 

You may be beginning to skate, following up with your practice, or returning to this hobby. In any situation, you shouldn’t miss out on the necessary protective gear. Here is a list of 6 essential roller skating protective gears to help you stay protected while learning and rehearsing new tricks and rollerblade moves:

Essential Roller Skating Protective Gears 

1. Elbow Pads 

Elbows are one of the most sensitive parts open to injuries while skating. And if it’s a sprain, the after-effect is too painful. To protect yourself against any such possible harm, use elbow pads for safety. They are designed with shock and hard-impact absorbing material to sustain minimal damage. 

They also have light, flexible, and ventilated textiles for reducing sweat and maintaining a firm grip around your body. Before purchasing elbow pads, always measure your arm size and see what length range will suit you better. 

2. Knee Pads 

We fall hard on our knees. Thus, when it comes to protecting ourselves, they are a must. Without knee protectors, we may end up getting a broken bone at the joint or a fracture which none of us would like in the slightest. There are plenty of knee pads that provide safety and are comfortable to use during skating. 

Made from non-bulky and double-layered padded foam on the inside and outside, it has high resistance to tears and external damage. These protective gears are flexible, durable, and equipped with nylon and ventilated textile to ensure smooth body movement. 

3. Helmets 

It is always wise to wear helmets, no matter if you’re driving, biking, or skating. They help prevent serious head injuries like a concussion or a serious blow to any part. They’re foamed inside and are beneficial in resisting external shock from harming your head. And a flat but well-fitting top counteracts any hard impact to travel further and become dangerous for your head. Remember to measure your face length and forehead before you buy a helmet so that it covers your head well. And ensure its straps are flexible and angling adequately with the structure of your face.  

4. Wrist Guards 

A twisted wrist is a nightmare. But we have wrist guards for the rescue. Designed with flexibility, durability, and aerating properties for easing the movement of our wrist without making the skin itchy and sweaty, the wrist guards provide rigid support to our hand and wrist and keep them safe from getting hurt. They are available in two types – wrap and slip-on. 

The safer you stay, the better. It is never wrong or needless to include more protective gears for practicing safety while skating. Here are some extra protective gears that you may add to your suit of armor before entering the skating arena – 

5. Mouthguard 

Athletes have a higher chance of facing teeth and jaw injury as their faces stay uncovered most of the time. For this reason, roller derby mouthguards are made to keep our mouths safe during athletics or any sports game. They come in handy during many sports games, like boxing, ice skating, rugby, or roller skating. So, it is better to put one before stepping up with your skates. 

6. Padded shorts 

Also called impact shorts, the padded shorts are created to prevent your things, hips, and buttocks from getting injured while falling and facing an uneventful landing. They are useful in cycling and skateboarding, apart from roller skating. Their shock-absorbent nature shrugs most of the effect of crashing down and further increases our safety while skating. 


Many people prefer to forego the safety gear after they get a hook for skating. But no matter where you are, either the outside land or the skating rink floor, always wear your protective gear. Falling and getting hurt is a part of the learning process in skating. However, the terrains are hard, rough, uneven, bumpy, and mostly unpredictable, and so you might get hurt because of any of these. So, if you are looking for a fun and good time while roller skating, don’t forget the essential protective gear. With them, you’re ready to face anything and learn different moves without fear. 

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