Roller Skate Accessories: You Need To Keep Safe Yourself

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When you were a kid, and you were going to the park so you would put on your flashy skate rollers and skate all afternoon while the wheels shone? Yeah well, I do. However, I also remember skating real fast down a steep ramp and getting home all covered in bruises and scratches. But hey, I had a great time. I will be safe as I have roller skate accessories.

Even if most of us did it at some point in our lives, we all have to admit roller skating is some serious business. I have a bunch of scars to prove that.

Although I didn’t use to use my adequate gear for skating), I probably would have avoided a couple of trips to the infirmary if I had. So, for you do not have a cracking elbow later in your life, here are some roller skate accessories that will not only make you look cooler but will also make you safer. Here are all of the options you can purchase next to your skates favor party.

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Just wear a helmet, ok?Ok but this is important. Literally, A helmet can quite save your life. Never happened to me, but, especially in skates, you can fly and crack your head quite easily. And if you are going to skate on the street? No way you are going bare-headed.

When it comes to skating, it is not recommended to use a cycling helmet. However, you can use a skate helmet for cycling, so buy the skating one. I never used mine because it was itchy, so make sure you try it on. Also, helmets come in a lot of patterns and colors you can choose from to look extra good.

Knee, elbow and wrist guards  

These will save you some severe scratches and bruises. Whenever you fall while wearing roller skate accessories  (or whenever you fall in general, to be honest) your knees and your elbows are the ones that suffer. Skates multiply your risk of falling while also making you fall harder, cause you are going faster. Protecting your precious limbs is never too much. You can buy this kind of accessories from anywhere that sells sports gear. And you can also get them in bubbly colors and nice patterns although most adults tend to prefer black because adulthood makes you a bore.

Mouth guards

This one might not be super necessary, but it sure helps when you fall on your butt. You are likely to bite your tongue when falling too hard, and we do not want that to happen because biting your tongue hurts like hell. Just wear a mouth guard, OK? You might look funny, but you’ll sound funnier when you can’t talk because your tongue is swollen.

Toe caps and toe guards

These ones are not very mentioned, but if you skate on a more constant basis, you’ll be needing them. They’ll stop you from, well cracking your fingers. But what the do mostly is prevent you from having ingrown toenails. The protective guards protect your fingers and the front of your skate. It’s like the metal part of the construction boot translated into skates. These will avoid them tearing from the finger section mostly, keep them looking new. 


This one is for the kids. If you have a kid that is learning how to skate, you should buy one of this. Like there are training wheels for bikes, you get trainers for skates. This is a walker-like structure that will help your kids learn how to balance themselves without scratching their faces when they fall over them. Sound promising am I right? However, remember to take this one away the second they start getting at it, or they’ll never truly learn.

Skate bags and cases 

If you and your skates are close, you have to get them a beautiful bag to travel in. It’s not only that, to be honest. The thing is skates are massive, like really heavy. The issue with this is that, first, you don’t want to carry them around in like your hand. And second, if your bag isn’t specially designed for carrying skates, the kit will probably break, like an ugly break. Happened to me in elementary and middle school, I know better now.

Now let’s get into the not-safety being-cool part. 

Roller skate lights are first on the being cool list. Did you know these existed? Probably. Did your mom ever buy them for you? Probably not. Are you an adult now that can buy their roller skate lights? I don’t know. But let’s admit it, skate lights are a pretty cool deal for your skates to step up their game. Also, for security reasons, if you skate at nighttime skate lights can be helpful to make yourself get noticed.

Skate insoles, I mean, no one is going to see them, but you are going to know you are wearing cool skate insoles and feel better with yourself, ok? Trust me. You can get some pretty good ones that not only make you feel cooler but also help your aches and feet in general. And back, comfortable feet will help with back pains. Skate insoles are also great for heel bruises. I’ve you’ve never got a heel bruise then I hope you never do, however, when skating often these are sort of common, so now you know how to prevent them.

Crazy nuts. As in the thing you use to get your skate wheels adjusted, don’t get too excited. You can be able to get them in different colors, and shapes, whatever matches the aesthetic you are trying to get.  In the end, you can get all the accessories or neither of them, and you can want to look cool or not. But safety is a pending issue most of us don’t pay attention to. Things like wearing a helmet can save your life, don’t take it for granted.

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