Types Of Ice Skating -Everything You Need To Know

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The ice is a very harsh environment that one has to exercise a lot of caution moving on it. Perhaps, the only two other environments that are arguably as harsh as ice for movement are water and air. However, as it is the nature of men, they have also been able to learn how to comfortably move on ice even without the aid of a vehicle.

Furthermore, they have even learned to play sport and carry out daring activities on the ice. This is achieved through the use of roller skates in an activity known as skating. This article will describe the different types of ice skating available.

Figure Skating

The sport Figure skating is a type of sport where the performer is required to carry out some exhilarating and sometimes very physical activities on the ice. Figure skating has a very rich history and is thus a major sporting ice skating event. It is one of the sports that is featured in the Olympics.

It is reputed to be the oldest Olympic Games winter game. It is possible to assume that it is easy to carry out figure skating when you see individuals draped in tight and glimmering clothes twirling and twisting on ice. However, it is not something to be taken lightly as any mistake could have you crashing hard on the unforgiving ice.

Waltz and ballet were the major inspiration for figure skating. There are times when a performer could be required to carry out more than 300 revolutions of spins within 60 seconds. Some sub-events are available in sporting figure skating. They include paired mixed, women’s singles and men’s singles events.

Short Track Speed Skating

In this type of skating, a performer challenges an opponent. They are both to skate for the same distance on the ice as each of the performers attempt to defeat a rival team or pair as opposed to just trying to complete the distance within the shortest time as available in racing.

Based on this, the performers will have to think about their own tracks and think about how they can move faster than their rival. Their strategies will include maneuvering their body properly to be in front of the others. It is a sight that is always wonderful to behold.

For this type of speed skating, many athletes prepare to outspeed their opponents on ice while using skates. In most cases, between four and six players compete in a rink that is of oval shape. The rink often has a width of 100 feet and a length of 200 feet. The instructions are straightforward. Do not thrash, block, or push your opponent. Furthermore, you can aid a member of your team to gain speed. When you are at an advantage, you can extend an arm to a member of your team to draw them forward.

Long Track Speed Skating

Another name for this type of skating is speed skating. Just from the title, you can tell what exactly the game is all about. Athletes are expected to finish a long-distance as designated within the shortest possible time. Watching the performers from different countries engage in this game in an Olympic sport or other international competitions can be very breathtaking.

Apart from the fact that this type of game is very rigorous, it is also very dangerous and can only be carried out by athletes that have had adequate training. In other cases, they are engaged in under very tight supervision to avoid casualties. Performers can suffer from ankle fractures and knee lacerations. So a lot of carefulness is recommended while playing the game or learning to play the game.

Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle skiing is majorly carried out by individuals who love to skate or who are learning to skate. Several adventurous who are not professionally trained or who find the sporting aspect too rigorous could opt for freestyle skiing. Here, they are able to skate on ice as a pleasurable activity, mostly under close supervision.

Only individuals who have had a lot of training and practice are allowed to freestyle ski without supervision. In most cases, they use a skiing ground that is not too big where everybody using the facility can be easily seen. They are also to ski at a slow speed and just enjoy their selves. Also The controlled environment makes it easy to attend to anybody that has suffered an injury.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another type of professional game that is played on ice. Players use a pole to move a ball around while skating on ice. The goal is to score against the opponent. It is just like playing a sort of football where poles are used to move a small ball as opposed to using the leg to kick a bigger ball. As such, injuries could sometimes happen just like football, where a collision with another player could lead to a fall or the pole, could hit another player.

Skeleton Skating

Despite the scary name, as a lot of us think anything related to the skeleton is scary, you don’t have to dress like a skeleton or attempt to skin anybody in this type of skating. The skating entails lying belly down on a skating board or small-sized sled while using your body weight to move the board. It is another exciting type of ice skating that people get involved in for the fun of it.

Final Verdict

Skating is a very daring and exciting activity. It is excellent for people who love adventures, especially the risky and daring ones. Apart from the fact that you need to face the harsh cold while skating, considering ice skating is best during the winter, there are other risks of injury. Thus, adequate training and practice, as well as a lot of carefulness, is recommended for people who want to delve into skating.

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