Types Of Skating Wheels: 5 Untold Reasons Why you Know It

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The skating wheels are of different styles. The most used and most popular types of skating wheels among them are speed, roller derby, jam, shuffle, and rhythm. The wheels are, in some cases, designed for particular skating techniques or specific skating grounds.

We will discuss the different forms of skating wheels in this article as well as the essential characteristics in different categories of skate wheels.

Outdoor Wheels

The outdoor wheel type is an undeniable style of skating wheel as it is mainly used for skating outside the house. Some wheels are best for outdoor uses, and they are mostly soft as opposed to harder ones that are preferred for indoors. Those who skate outdoors usually use the wheels to skate in bicycle paths, sidewalks, and parks.

Artistic Wheels

The artistic wheels are used for artistic skating where mixed couples, groups or individuals carry out musically related moves including spins and jumps. The most popular type of artistic skating is on ice. However, carrying out artistic skating on a roller skate is fun.

This type of wheel require boots with high tops and featuring an artistic wheel.

Rhythm Wheels

This type of wheel makes it easy to skate to a beat or a rhythm. It can be used to carry out skating moves such as slides, shuffling, and dance moves. Once a skater has gotten far into the intermediate stage of using roller skates, he would derive a lot of fun from trying out these moves.

Jam Wheels

With jam wheels, it is possible for the gymnast to do several different activities, including gymnastics, dancing, and skating, at the same time. Thus, this style of wheels is bought basically by those who want to learn how to dance and do gymnastics on their rolling stakes.

It is best for advanced skaters who are already professional and can already do regular skating and some moves on his roller skates without losing balance.

Derby Wheels

The roller derby was invented by an American and features a sk​​ating sport that requires body contact. The people involved in the game competitively run around a rink with an oval shape. In most cases, the game is played in teams, as one side tries to defeat the other. Very experienced skaters best use this type of wheel. Several people in the USA love to watch derby skating games.

For great experience in this game, all you need the best roller derby skates that will help you to keep enjoying the game without any risk.

types of skating wheels-front wheel

Principal Characteristics In Different Types Of skating Wheels

There are important characteristics that are available in the different categories of wheels. These differences are based on the various features of the wheel. They are explained subsequently.

Hubs Of The Wheel

The original hub styles available are the aluminum or nylon hubs. Typically, the nylon hub is lighter than the aluminum hub, since it is made from a lighter material. Most roller skate wheels are made from nylon. The key advantage of a wheel for roller skate made from aluminum is its durability.

An aluminum hub wheel will last for much longer than a nylon hub wheel. Thus, if you are looking for a wheel that you are going to be using for a very long time, then you might want to opt for the aluminum hub. Those who have noticed that they often have to change the wheels of their roller skate might also go for this option. Aluminum hub is also best for large size skaters or large size wheels.

Hardness Of The Wheel

The hardness of the wheel is always indicated on the wheel with an A preceding it. For instance, you might have a wheel with a hardness of 84a, implying how hard the wheel is and by implication, its level of grip to the ground. The more the number indicating your wheel’s hardness, the lesser grip the wheel is expected to have. For example, 103A, which is a huge number, does not have much grip.

It is chosen in several dance skating styles as it is simpler gliding on the wheel without grip. The mid-range numbers that include 93a, 95a, and other numbers within the range of 90 to 100 are the most commonly used. If you want to skate on a concrete polished derby track or different slicker floor types, then you need a wheel with a very high grip like 84a. For skating outdoors, it is best you opt for a very soft wheel.

When the wheel is soft, it becomes possible for the wheel to absorb shock when you roll on top of small debris or cracks. An example of a very soft wheel is 78a.

Size Of The Wheel

Wheels are of different heights and width on the outside. It is only the inside opening of the wheel that is always constant. The regular part of the wheel is where the bearing is installed. Any wheel manufactured recently will always have the same size.

The width and height of the wheel are majorly measured the millimeters unit of measurement. Thus, the size of your wheel will be written in mm. You have to check the size of the wheel those who are involved in the skating you prefer are using and follow it to choose your size. Generally, large skate wheels make speeding on a mountain simpler, while if you want to make agile movements, it is better to opt for smaller wheels.

Take this as a general suggestion as in some cases, and it might be best you experiment with different wheel types to find your preference in terms of the size you are most comfortable with for the skating you want to involve in.


The skating wheel is the major part of the roller skate that makes contact with the floor. Some roller skates come with changeable wheels, whereby you can use different wheels with the skating board. The size, hardness, and hub type of your wheel dramatically influence what you can do with it and its durability.

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