Why Use Trekking Pole? Everyone Needs to Know

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Over the years trekking poles have received a love/hate relationship. Some people love them and would not go hiking without this vital piece of equipment while others think they are a great nuisance. Unless you have used the trekking poles before, you will not be able to understand their benefits. The truth is you can still go hiking without them but your experience will be much better if you had the poles.

Here we will discuss about Why Use Trekking Pole? From my experience they are practical and make the hike more comfortable. They may look like a silly pair of sticks, however ski poles comes with a whole load of benefits for the user.  Here are some of the reasons why you should use trekking poles on your next hike;

Weight Redistribution

This is one of the main reasons why you should consider getting some trekking poles before embarking on your next hiking adventure. If you will be carrying a back pack, the load will tend to put so much stress on your knees and back especially as you climb up steep hills or rocks. 

You may not immediately realize this benefit but keep in mind the ski poles reduce the amount of weight falling on your knees. At the end of the day you will notice that there is lesser pain and pressure put on your joints. This is because the trekking poles will work to distribute the pressure evenly through the back, arms and shoulders. This in turn ensures your comfort during the hike.

Helps Create A Uniform Pace

Hiking is not about simply walking up and down hills or some rocks. You need to have a steady and uniform pace so that you can cover more ground in less time. Furthermore, a uniform stride prevents you from getting too exhausted and even being unable to reach your target.

The ski poles act as your support points and allow you to get into a rhythm perfect for the terrain you are covering. This means that your breathing will sync up and you can easily maintain your pace.

Why Use Trekking Pole? Improves Balance And Stability

Hiking entails covering different types of terrains and not all of them will be easy on you. Finding your way around rocky and slippery terrain can be tricky and frustrating if you only depend on your two feet for support. It’s also quite dangerous and you risk a fatal fall in the case where you slide off a rock.

What about the time when you have to cross a river with seemingly strong currents or creek?  You will definitely appreciate the extra help that the ski poles will offer. They will enable you to negotiate the slippery rocks and rivers with much ease. Additionally, you can stop a slip from turning into a face fall by use of the trekking poles. Thanks me later for this.

Aid Going Uphill

I believe one of the most difficult parts of a hike is going uphill. This is because most of the stress is put on the legs and can easily tire you out. Trekking poles are an invaluable tool in such a situation most especially if you will be covering many steep upslopes. You can use the poles to dig in and propel yourself up the slope.

Doing this prevents the legs from having to work extra hard by taking some of the stress off the muscles. Since the workload is well distributed between the legs and arms, not only will the uphill treks be faster and easier but also enjoyable. Next time you want a remarkable trekking experience then carry some ski poles with you. You will remain fresh throughout the trail.

Takes Pressure Off the Knees On Downhills

The truth is hiking down hills and steep slopes can be just as stressful as ascents. Going downhill without the trekking poles means that your entire body weight will have to be absorbed by the knees with every step you make. It only gets worse when the descent is fairly long. The knees will hurt for several days before full recovery.

That is why you may need trekking poles to help in such situations. With the use of the trekking poles, your arms will take on some of the weight. This way it will not all be transferred onto the knee joints. For this reason, the impact on your knees will be much less.

Aside from that, the ski poles also help with stability whenever you are descending down a steep slope. They are support points for you to balance against as you hike downhill.

Promotes Better Posture

It’s no secret that using trekking poles reduces fatigue and enables you to stay fresher for longer.  With that said, I would like to add that most of the time people take on a poor posture when they feel tired. That’s the time they start leaning and walking while hunching forward. Poor posture can strain the back and hence interfere with your hiking experience.

For instance, you may take a lot of time to cover the desired trail. On the other hand, with the use of ski poles you are able to walk more upright and hence maintain better breathing.  At the end the day you will not have to deal with an aching back or joints.

Testing Unstable Terrain Before Stepping

You are bound to encounter various types of terrains along your trail. There comes a time when you find a part that looks sketchy with tons of rocks you are not sure can support your weight. Well, before you step on the rock it will be wise of you to test its capacity using the trekking poles. They are more like an extension of your body and hence give you a greater advantage. Furthermore, you can use them to test the depth of a stream of river before crossing it.

Warding Off Animals In Your Surrounding

Trekking poles are a precious tool in every hike for the one reason that they can help you fend off animals. In case you come face to face with a predator, you can use them to scare the animal away. Additionally, there may be bushes and vegetation that has encroached on your trail. The ski poles come in handy as a tool to bash them down. You might even ward off scorpion or snakes that may be hiding in there in preparation to attack.

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